Trans-seasonal and gender-neutral technological appeal

Colors influence 90% of consumer buying decisions and nowadays are more important than ever: They have a pivotal role in all creative processes and a dramatic impact on people’s lives.

In this increasingly visual age where there is a surplus of information and a shortage of time, color will be an increasingly important way to cut through the noise.
That’s why the trend authority WGSN created Coloro: a dedicated division for studies and forecasts. As they do every year, they recently unveiled the next big color trends that will shapeconsumer choices in 2021, exploring a modern view of color psychology.


Photo: Coloro x WGSN

The influence of wellness — both physical and mental — is impacting all aspects of design. From the energetic charge of red to the calm detachment of blue, the selection is rooted in the science of how color can elicit different human responses.

Consumers can use colors to have an impact on their psychological and physical performance. Brands need to be aware of the power of these color choices to enable people to be the best that they can be.

S/S 21 is focused on the psychological and physical experience of exercise, aligning each color to the different stages of a workout experience.


Photo: Coloro x WGSN

Quiet Wave is an optimistic and futuristic shade which makes it the perfect mood setter for the new decade. Greens have been gaining ground for a number of seasons but for S/S 21, the freshest tones will gravitate towards cooler levels. The inspiration here is less about nature and more about technology, and its pale, detached character makes it perfect for aiding mental preparation before physical exertion..


Photo: Coloro x WGSN

A.I Aqua is the tech-inspired hero color for the season, with a digital quality that’s set to have key relevance in 2021. It will also offer true versatility, working as well in summer as in transitional and winter collections. From the emotional side, it is a tone that triggers focus and clarity.


Photo: Coloro x WGSN

This extroverted hue is fiery, saturated and guaranteed to spark a reaction. It builds on the commercial success of red and orange, with a complexity that fuses elements of both; depending on the light or material used, it can look more like one or the other. Its boldness signifies intense activity, and the surge of red blood cells during peak performance.


Photo: Coloro x WGSN

Yellow is the color most recognized by the human eye and the brightest on the visible spectrum. It is linked to happiness, optimism and is the hue of bright light and creativity. For S/S 21, yellow will shift to a softer hue which encapsulates the feel-good factor of the sun, but is also desaturated enough to have a calming effect. It represents the afterglow of post-exercise achievement and that rush of endorphins after you’ve smashed your personal best.


Gray is a controlled hue. It has a stabilizing effect on other colors with which it comes into contact, toning down the bolder and brighter tones and illuminating the softer colors. It’s an ideal partner for a broad range of tones, and feeds into a return to minimalism when used on its own. Good Gray also has a sustainable outlook, calling to mind the raw amalgamated hue that comes from recycling different materials together.

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sharing packaging experiences ITALY | USA | ASIA

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